I have a litter due after January 14!  Email for more info.

I have litters of kittens often. Email for pics and availability. 

About Nepashequah:
The name Nepashequah is the Myaamia word for "green willows." I have used this as my farm name to remind me of my childhood home, and my first farm. I am a little hobby farm slowly working on becoming more self-sufficient. My animals are my family and I give them all the best of care. I do not breed in large numbers and I sell to only the best of homes or the animal stays with me! I also place animals in need of homes occasionally. If you have an animal in need of rehoming, I have a large network of people that may be able to help, or I can at least point you in the right direction. Don't hesitate to ask! First and foremost, I care for animals. 

  • My dogs protect the farm and the rest of the animals, and others herd. They are dogs with a purpose, and I sell them to others who wish to protect their livestock without having to shoot predators, or get jobs done around the farm with a little help from a friend!
  • My cats: I am also among the few trying to preserve the Traditional breed of Siamese and Balinese, rather than the scrawny "Modern" Siamese.
  • My horses and ponies take me where I need to go and help me do farm work. The babies I have, I usually keep. I breed what I need. On rare occasions I sell foals.
  • My chickens and other fowl provide me with meat and eggs.
  • My milk cow is not only a spoiled pet, but she also provides me with milk for cheeses and butter and calves for meat.

Deposits are non-refundable, except in cases of extreme emergency. In those cases, money will be refunded within 60 days. Purchasing an animal is a serious decision, not to be taken lightly